Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage to talk about Facebook’s post-Cambridge Analytica future.

Stan Horaczek at 08:49 AM May 2 2018

Maybe you could fight zombies from a self-driving vehicle, too.

Rob Verger at 09:00 AM Apr 5 2018

Google Street View images are filled with cars. That is a simple and pedestrian truth, and one which artificial …

Rob Verger at 11:22 AM Dec 1 2017

At its best, virtual reality is transportative: It will let you scale a simulated cliff face, or come face-to-teeth …

Rob Verger at 11:37 AM Oct 13 2017

The Shanghai-based Institute for Quantum Information and Quantum Technology Innovation of the Chinese Academy of …

Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer at 15:50 PM Oct 12 2017

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook can keep tabs on nearly a third of the world’s population. …

David Nield at 12:37 PM Oct 6 2017

Some researchers say the Babylonians invented trigonometry—and did it better. A long-debated tablet known as …

Rachel Feltman at 10:33 AM Aug 28 2017
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