Sarah Fecht
at 07:53 AM Sep 2 2014
Space // 

The WorldView-3 satellite, which launched on August 13, has sent back its first images. They’re gorgeous, and kind of creepy.

Loren Grush
at 07:53 AM Sep 2 2014

I was peering out through the helmet of my space suit, when something terrible happened: I got an itch. And with my hands unable to touch my face, scratching it the good old fashioned way was out of the question. Thankfully, the suit’s manufacturer’s had predicted this very scenario and planned accordingly. A strip of velcro was positioned inside the helmet for me, and I was able to rub my face against it, relieving the discomfort. Even in space, things can get a little itchy.

Charles Q. Choi
at 09:26 AM Aug 29 2014

This "Super Ball Bot" is the vision of NASA roboticist Vytas SunSpiral — yes, that's his real name — along with Adrian Agogino and their colleagues, who plan to have a full prototype by mid-September. In the process of developing this droid, they may have helped pioneer a revolutionary new class of robots.

Sarah Fecht
at 07:37 AM Aug 28 2014

In 1969, mankind got its first few whiffs of the lunar surface after astronauts tracked moon dust into the Apollo lander.

Popular Science Staff
at 07:02 AM Aug 22 2014

While the Mars rovers’ drivers sit in relative comfort here on Earth, the rovers themselves do get beat up a bit. In honor of Curiosity’s second anniversary on Mars, The Verge put together a cool story showing the before and after pics of the toll the harsh environment has exacted on the rover. Scroll through for yourself to see some of the dents, scratches and holes that Curiosity has accumulated over the years. Oh, and all the dust it picked up. There’s a lot of dust. 

Sarah Fecht
at 07:01 AM Aug 22 2014

Cosmonauts have apparently discovered plankton and other microorganisms on the outside of the International Space Station’s windows, according to an announcement from a Russian official.  NASA has not yet confirmed or denied the findings. 

Lindsay Handmer
at 10:59 AM Aug 21 2014
Space // 

With its re-supply mission to the International Space Station complete, the Cygnus Orbital-2 spacecraft Janice Voss burns up as it re-enters Earth's atmosphere. Fortunately for us German Astronaut Alexander Gerst managed to snap this amazing picture of the resulting fireball.

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