Kelsey D. Atherton
at 12:11 PM Jul 20 2017
Robots // 

Robots often imitate life. We are used to bots mimicking humans, and animals, but there is plenty of life beyond the constraints of legged bodies that can inspire useful machines. Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Stanford University have made a machine with long tendrils that can perform dangerous tasks like reaching through rubble to pump air to a trapped earthquake survivor.

Stan Horaczek
at 09:31 AM Jul 17 2017
Drones // 

This carrying case is part of the $699 Fly More Combo, which comes with extra propellers (shown), an extra battery, propeller guards, a dedicated battery charger, and the $150 remote.

Rob Verger
at 10:22 AM Jun 28 2017
Robots // 

Plenty of toys on the market promise to provide the next generation of coders and engineers with the foundation they'll need to compete in the rapidly-changing job market. But in a sea of coding-for-kids products, an update to Anki's holiday-shopping darling, Cozmo the robot, offers a chance for young would-be coders to tap into a complex machine capable of advanced feats, like facial recognition.

Stack Commerce
at 10:22 AM Jun 28 2017

If you struggle with stress or anxiety, you are far from alone. In fact, most US workers say they suffer from stress on the job. Thankfully, technology and science are teaming up to fix this growing issue with a whole slew of meditation and relaxation based tools. One example that's currently sweeping the industry is Aura, an app that helps you reach inner calmness through short, guided meditation sessions. Right now, you can get lifetime Premium access for just $59.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer
at 09:08 AM Jun 7 2017
Drones // 

Meet China's huge solar-powered drone, a 130-foot-wide machine designed to fly at more than 65,000 feet, for days on end. How? A super lightweight body and renewable energy tech that can power all eight of its electrical propellers.

Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer
at 13:14 PM May 26 2017
Drones //, also called Jingdong, is China's largest online retailer, with a national distribution network matching the coverage of Amazon in the United States. It'll soon have something its American counterparts doesn't: super-sized delivery drones.

Kendra Pierre-Louis
at 15:39 PM May 24 2017
Robots // 

From Charles Darwin, who once called it “one of the most wonderful plants in the world,” to the man-eating Audrey II of "Little Shop of Horrors", the Venus flytrap has inspired artists and scientists for more than a century. Into that canon enters a new soft gripping robot, which as described in a study released today in the journal Nature Communications, uses the flytrap as its design inspiration for sensing and picking up objects.

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