at 08:04 AM Dec 18 2014

It's a plane designed for the war no one wants to fight. The Long Range Strike Bomber is the Air Force's secretive and long-running project to develop the next generation of nuclear-armed bombers, designed to unload hell in hostile skies. And there's a chance that it'll be optionally manned, allowing it to fly some missions as a drone.

at 08:03 AM Dec 16 2014

It's hard out there for an armored car. Overshadowed by tanks, but less friendly than a minivan, armored cars have the unenviable duty of carrying troops to the front lines of a battle quickly and safely, and hopefully without getting destroyed by a roadside bomb. Designed by Russian auto giant ZIL, a new, unnamed armored car concept tackles that challenge with a body straight out of science fiction.

at 10:09 AM Dec 13 2014

Blood, as the vital and life-sustaining passageway through the body, has a strong incentive to flow as easily as possible -- in all cases except that of injury. With a cut or larger bleeding injury, platelets rush to the opening, part of the body's desperate action to cut off what had moments ago flowed so freely. That switch takes time, and as good as platelets are, in trauma situations or on the battlefield, they might not work fast enough unaided. Now, a team of scientists at Texas A&M, Harvard, and MIT just developed an injectable gel that uses synthetic nanoplatelets to staunch the bleeding.

Rafi Letzter
at 15:12 PM Dec 9 2014

A Chinese defense company recently unveiled a long-range weapon that can cause people overwhelming pain without killing them.

at 11:19 AM Dec 3 2014

Testing modern naval weapons in a realistic way is tricky. In order to operate properly, ships need a crew, but there are times, like determining whether a new anti-missile weapon actually works, where having people on deck is an unnecessary risk. To square this circle, the U.S. Navy took the USS Paul F. Foster--an old, out-of-use destroyer--and made it unmanned, ready to be destroyed.

at 08:12 AM Nov 26 2014

Right now, the U.S. Navy has a warship with a laser gun patrolling the Persian Gulf. The USS Ponce is an old ship that first saw service as an amphibious transport in the 1970s, designed to carry troops, vehicles, and helicopters close to beaches. Saved from a scrapyard, the U.S. Navy strapped a laser to its back and sent it forward, turning it into a cold warrior testing the waters of the future.

at 09:49 AM Nov 25 2014

In movies it sometimes seems like computer viruses are capable of doing anything. More often than not that's a matter of dramatic license, but a recently discovered piece of complex malware suggests that truth may actually be scarier than fiction.

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