Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer
at 10:31 AM Apr 28 2015

The first 052D destroyer, the 7,500 ton Kunming, was launched in late 2013 and commissioned in March 2014 (its hull number, 172, was not painted on then).

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 09:37 AM Apr 27 2015

It's a transparent armor so good it might turn the phrase “glass cannon” on its head. The Naval Research Laboratory developed a manufacturing process to reliably make a strong, transparent ceramic that also allows infrared cameras to look through it, which most commercial glass can't do. Now that the process is complete, the NRL is sharing the technology with industry so they can scale it up to make giant sheets of transparent, lightweight, bulletproof clay.

Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer
at 09:36 AM Apr 27 2015

China and Russia, as part of closer strategic ties, have finalized a long-awaited deal for very long range S-400 surface to air missile (SAM) system. The deal is not only the largest Sino-Russian arms deal in over a decade, but S-400 missile defense capabilities would provide China with a quick missile defense upgrade at the moment neighboring states like North Korea acquire more ballistic missiles, and the U.S. and Japan look to buy stealthy anti-ship missiles.

Andrew Rosenblum
at 12:45 PM Apr 24 2015

Using a pair of augmented reality glasses, a Marine signals intelligence (SIGINT) specialist monitors web traffic while he lies on the ground, his assault rifle trained on a nearby building. Amid the cacophony of cyber-noise in the city -- the thousands of simultaneous, harmless Skype sessions, movie streams, and Internet searches -- the Marine has zeroed in on a possible insurgent, who is currently flipping through financial data on a spreadsheet. Perhaps the suspect will make a mistake, and open up a mapping application that will show where he's planning to meet an arms dealer to buy plastique.

Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer
at 16:37 PM Apr 23 2015

The PLZ-45 is the artillery workhorse of the Saudi Army, it can a range of nearly 40km and can fire American and Chinese made smart munitions guided by lasers and satellite navigation, as well as cluster munitions.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 16:36 PM Apr 23 2015

Whatever comes out the back-end of the V-22 Osprey is a guaranteed load of unpleasantness, whether it's a troop of Marines or a Jeep-like Phantom Badger. As a tiltrotor, the V-22 can take-off and land vertically like a helicopter, then switch to flying fast like a plane in mid-air. That versatility makes the V-22 an excellent transport, but now the Marines want it to work as a gunship too--by firing weapons from its rear unloading ramp.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 09:16 AM Apr 20 2015

When a missile has been launched, the safest place to be is not in its path. But if one must be where a missile is flying, then the next-best course of action to be far enough underground that the impact is completely absorbed by the dirt above. This isn't so much practical advice--digging underground bunkers is a slow process and not actually advised in response to an incoming missile--but an actual limitation of how missiles work. Published under the innocuous name of “Nonlinear Force Propagation During Granular Impact” in Physical Review Letters last week, the study shows how granular materials like dirt and soil get stronger when impacted.

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