Kids These Days Are 3-D Printing "Brass" Knuckles
Dan Nosowitz
at 01:08 AM May 5 2012
Kids These Days Are 3-D Printing "Brass" Knuckles
Brass knuckles
Wikimedia Commons
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BusinessWeek has a big story today on 3D printers and how great they are. Of course, we all are way ahead of them, having already examined the dream projects of 3D printing's brightest stars, among lots of other things. What we didn't know was that 3D printers could be used as a (totally legal!) supply shop for street toughs like these teenage ruffians in the back alleys of Santa Clara, CA.

From the article: "'I will stab you with flash drives,' Riley tells Vernon, a skinny boy with a braided rattail who shows off a pair of freshly made plastic brass knuckles."

It's like West Side Story, but with future engineers instead of future dancers.


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