World's Furthest Flight - By a Paper Plane
Nick Gilbert
at 15:29 PM Feb 29 2012
World's Furthest Flight - By a Paper Plane

The ability of mankind to construct more and more incredible feats of engineering should never cease to amaze. Take this latest example, for instance. Now, sure, it's a paper airplane. We know. But to be honest, sometimes those things can be even more fiddly to make than the real thing. Occasionally they won't even go at all, let alone travel this world-record 69 metre distance.

The plane itself was designed by John Collins, who's basically made his name out of this sort of thing. You could go visit his website here, but it's currently experiencing downtime after all the internet hordes visited him at the same time, presumably to try and find out how to replicate his design.

To cap it all off, the plane itself was thrown by former gridiron quaterback Joe Ayoob, which pretty much ticks the remaining boxes in terms of professional sports credentials.

Check out the post victory celebrations. World Cup Final-quality stuff, right there.


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