3D Visualisation Software Makes Destructive Hack Attacks Look Beautiful
Nick Gilbert
at 15:19 PM Jun 20 2012
3D Visualisation Software Makes Destructive Hack Attacks Look Beautiful
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Clearly, we're not sufficiently advanced until every last piece of software looks neon and sophisticated, and causes things to spin slowly on screen in a hypnotically beautiful way. NICT in Japan has taken us a step closer to that goal, making a tool that will visualise cyber attacks in a way that can only be described as dazzling.

The software, ever-so-slightly ominously named Daedalus, takes tracking data on 190,000 IP addresses across Japan and maps it out in a simplified network system. The giant blue sphere in the centre represents the wider internet, while the outer ring of circles represents IPs being monitored.

Daedelus makes it easier to see the source of viruses, whether they are coming from the internet or an internal network, which IP ranges they are affecting, and whether they spread beyond a local network to other set-ups.

However, we can't help but feel this will prove more harmful than beneficial in the long run, given the security personnel who'll be watching these things are bound to fall into an hypnotic stupor thanks to the fancy futuristic interface. We guess they can always blame it on Bob Page (cryptic video game reference alert).

[DigInfo, via Engadget]

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