Kelsey D. Atherton
at 16:11 PM Oct 26 2015
Nature // 

To reach Category 5, a hurricane must have sustained wind speeds of over 157 mphs. Right now, in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Patricia is powering through at about 200mph. It's likely the strongest hurricane on the record, and a gigantic storm to boot. The National Weather Service is warning that Patricia is “potentially catastrophic.” Here's what that storm looks like:

Kristen Hall-Geisler
at 16:27 PM Aug 21 2015
Cars // 

Building cars in Mexico is nothing new; Volkswagen, Nissan, and Toyota all have plants south of the border. But building sports cars in Mexico is less common, and right now the Vuhl 05 has that stage pretty much all to itself. (To put a fine point on it, the car was designed and assembled in Mexico, with the body being manufactured in Canada and about 40% of its parts coming from the United Kingdom.)

Francie Diep
at 07:57 AM Aug 5 2014
Nature // 

Want to see what it looks like when you get chomped on by a great white shark? Of course you do. This video, made by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, shows great white sharks near Guadalupe Island, Mexico. In 2013, Woods Hole researchers equipped a Remote Environmental Monitoring Unit, A.K.A. a REMUS-100 robot, with five cameras to find sharks and tag them. When the researchers sent REMUS underwater in Mexico, they got an eyeful of the sharks' territorial and predatory behaviors. The sharks snuck up under the robot in much the same way they stalk and nab seals, the video explains.

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