Marlene Cimons
at 10:18 AM Mar 2 2017
Cars // 

Doug Hines, CEO of a software company in Decatur, GA, has logged hundreds of miles in his Tesla. In addition to the obvious perks of owning an all-electric car—little maintenance, no exhaust, and just downright fun to drive — there was one he hadn't expected: the unfailing generosity of people willing to offer up their home chargers to a stranger, often for free.

Sarah Fecht
at 10:15 AM Jan 30 2017
Cars // 

Elon Musk is a man who makes the future happen. He's building solar panels, and electric cars that can run off of the clean energy they create. He's helping humanity become an interplanetary species by making spaceflight dramatically cheaper. But his idea to build a tunnel to avoid traffic congestion in Los Angeles seems uncharacteristically outdated.

Jeremy Deaton
at 11:07 AM Jun 3 2016
Energy // 

Energy officials from the world's largest economies are meeting in San Francisco with the aim of accelerating the shift to zero-carbon power. Today, they announced a new campaign that will grease the wheels for businesses to buy into renewable energy.

Kristen Hall-Geisler
at 10:24 AM Oct 8 2015
Cars // 

One of the factors that keeps electric vehicles from wide adoption is range anxiety. Though battery technologies have come a long way in the last decade, with 100 miles on a charge being common and Teslas easily topping 200 miles, people still want to know they can take off on a family vacation or a weekend away. Road trip!

Alexandra Ossola
at 12:43 PM Aug 25 2015
Cars // 

No cinematic car chase is complete without the classic revving sound of a speeding car. That sound happens when you accelerate in most cars, but not in electric cars, which can feel strange and make driving one less fun. Now Japanese electric car company GLM is teaming up with digital audio company Roland to create a sound system that brings that revving sound—along with several others—to the electric sports car.

John Voelcker/ Green Car Reports
at 03:58 AM Dec 7 2013
Cars // 

Suddenly, hydrogen fuel-cell cars are back in the news. Headlines have proclaimed a coming battle between plug-in electric cars and the new shining hope, hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Francie Diep
at 06:35 AM Aug 7 2013
Cars // 

Here's one way you could charge electric cars in the future. A South Korean city is testing electric buses that get their charge from cables buried underneath the road.

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