G. Clay Whittaker
at 10:16 AM May 30 2016
Make // 

3D printing is still a young technology, but when you can use it for important tasks like making gummy snack figures of yourself, or building a home, it's no longer in its infancy. And Dubai has reached that second (and arguably more important) milestone, with an entire building 3D printed.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 09:19 AM Mar 31 2015

Weather is free, of course, but predicting it, and anticipating changes like sudden storms or flash floods--that takes technical equipment and sensors. Thanks to 3D printing and cheap commercial electronics, USAID thinks they can bring weather stations to the developing world. And they should only cost about $200 each.

at 10:19 AM Dec 19 2014
Robots // 

You should see this dog run. Derby was born with deformed front legs, but recently received a pair of 3D printed prosthetics, which he is quite good at maneuvering in:

Sarah Fecht
at 09:36 AM Nov 5 2014
Make // 

“In the world of 3D printing, the big push is to try to print with multiple materials at once,” says mechanical engineer Michael McAlpine. “What they really mean, usually, is printing in two different-colored plastics.”

Alexandra Ossola
at 08:40 AM Jul 30 2014
Gadgets // 

This week, Amazon announced its new 3-D printing store. We were immediately giddy, imagining the endless possibilities of being able to upload any design and, in Amazon fashion, have it shipped to us in solid form overnight. But the online book purveyor that has diversified to sell basically everything on the planet seems to have squandered its opportunity to transform the 3-D printing movement; the products in its new online marketplace are not customizable, fairly expensive, and slow to be delivered. 

Colin Lecher
at 05:00 AM Nov 30 2012
Science // 

3D printing is at an awkward, prepubescent stage right now. The printers aren't exactly common, but a few early adopters have them. That leaves out the people who'd like to use them occasionally without investing in a printer of their own, and that seems like the market Staples is catering to by offering 3D printing to customers.

Clay Dillow
at 04:24 AM May 17 2012

President Obama's nationwide push for innovation in manufacturing reaches across agencies from the National Science Foundation to the Department of Energy, and now it's reaching all the way into the Pentagon where $60 million is being set aside for investment in 3D printing technologies. The DoD will fund a network of agencies, academic institutions, and companies to build on 3D printing tech with the overarching goal of building aerospace and weapons technology faster.

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