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In the past couple of years, you've likely heard much talk about the bacteria that live inside your digestive ...

Claire Maldarelli at 11:37 AM Oct 13 2017
Nature // 

In 1918, a ship beached on Lord Howe Island. It brought rodents to the lush, crescent-moon-shaped volcanic remnant ...

Ellen Airhart at 11:37 AM Oct 13 2017
Nature // 

We typically think of insects as pests or pestilences, carrying disease or gnawing their way through our gardens ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 15:50 PM Oct 12 2017
Nature // 

The shortfin mako is a strikingly blue, athletic shark with a dubious honor: its meat is considered delicious. While ...

Kate Baggaley at 15:50 PM Oct 12 2017
Nature // 

You don't often feel bad for spiders. But when a fuzzy, black-eyed jumping spider raises his green forearms into the ...

Sara Chodosh at 12:37 PM Oct 6 2017
Nature // 

The brief lull in the Atlantic Ocean's hurricane activity seems to have come to an end sooner than we'd hoped. A new ...

Dennis Mersereau at 11:36 AM Oct 5 2017
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