Nature // 

  Not every announcement of a newly discovered species feels like a huge deal. Thousands of new critters get ...

Rachel Feltman at 14:47 PM Nov 6 2017
Nature // 

You already know about antibiotic and pesticide resistance. You've heard that mice and rats evolve immunity to ...

Sara Chodosh at 11:54 AM Oct 25 2017
Nature // 

Mosquitoes are weird fliers. Your typical air-jackey —a sparrow or a fruit fly, for instance—takes ...

Kendra Pierre-Louis at 11:03 AM Oct 23 2017
Nature // 

The problem with dogs is that they're a lot like babies that never grow up. This is both a great strength and a huge ...

Sara Chodosh at 11:03 AM Oct 23 2017
Nature // 

Bugs, well, bug a lot of people. There's nothing quite as irritating as a fly buzzing around a room (except, ...

Kendra Pierre-Louis at 10:57 AM Oct 23 2017
Nature // 

Hurricane Ophelia is an odd storm. It's a picture-perfect hurricane with winds around 90 MPH, but that's not the odd ...

Dennis Mersereau at 11:37 AM Oct 13 2017
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