Sara Chodosh
at 11:38 AM Jul 24 2017

Erectile dysfunction can be hard. No, this is not a joke, even though that pun was absolutely intended. The simple fact is that ED can have psychologically devastating effects that we shouldn't make light of. If folks are too ashamed to talk about these issues, they're more likely to turn to things like male enhancement coffee.

Marissa Shieh
at 11:38 AM Jul 24 2017

Lots of people rely on insulin injections to manage their blood sugar. But after nearly a century of helping diabetics, the hormone is starting to look appealing for other uses as well.

Aparna Nathan
at 11:38 AM Jul 24 2017

It's relatively new to America's drug scene, but in the last few years, its victims have included everyone from musician Prince to a 10-year-old boy in Miami. The culprit is fentanyl, a lesser-known—but incredibly lethal—opioid that has become increasingly prevalent in the United States.

Aparna Nathan
at 12:11 PM Jul 20 2017

News articles over the past few years have implicated everything from sunlight's ultraviolet radiation to burnt toast as potential carcinogens, or cancer-causing substances. So, should you be rushing to cut these everyday exposures out of your life? Well, it depends on the material you are talking about, and how much and how often you are in contact with it.

Rob Verger
at 12:11 PM Jul 20 2017

You could be forgiven for assuming that Glass, Google's head-mounted augmented-reality device, had been effectively dead since 2015. But as Google's sister company X, the Moonshot Factory, announced on Tuesday, the project has been pivoting to a business-to-business model over the past two years. The new, updated version of the device is known as Glass Enterprise Edition, and it's been put to use at companies like Boeing, DHL—and in physician's office.

Kate Baggaley
at 10:07 AM Jul 18 2017

John F. Kennedy was known for his youth and energy, but in the decades since his death we've realized that there was more to the story: The 35th President of the United States actually battled an impressive collection of medical problems. Among these was agonizing back pain that led Kennedy to undertake four surgeries.

Cassidy Mayeda
at 09:31 AM Jul 17 2017

A new study published this month in Nature marks a key milestone in Alzheimer's research. It demonstrates the first complete model of a tau filament, a protein structure found in the brain cells of Alzheimer's patients and thought to be the cause of the neurodegenerative disease.

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