Kendra Pierre-Louis
at 09:35 AM Aug 25 2017
Energy // 

Like in Australia, the USA's energy mix is under scrutiny. A report commissioned by US Energy Secretary Rick "I Once Said I Wanted to Abolish the Agency I Now Run" Perry acknowledges that low natural gas prices—not renewables—are behind the recent closure of coal energy plants, and that the grid has managed to withstand the increasing presence of renewable energy. According to an unrelated study published this week in the journal Joule, the world is poised to give up fossil fuels altogether.

Jeremy Deaton
at 10:11 AM Aug 15 2017
Energy // 

You can make a battery out of a lemon, a tomato, an orange or a stack of old two cent coins. And now, thanks to a miracle of modern science, you can make a battery using spit.

Rob Verger
at 09:31 AM Jul 17 2017
Energy // 

By the end of the year, South Australia will be home to the world's biggest battery, if Elon Musk and Tesla make good on an ambitious commitment. The battery installation will be hooked up to a 99-turbine wind farm (which is still being built) and serve as an energy reservoir to ensure that the region has enough power, even during times when power demand peaks.

Marlene Cimons
at 10:00 AM Jun 6 2017
Energy // 

You know it as a white smudge across the lifeguard's nose, or a soothing cream on your baby's bottom. But someday, the white ointment that protects our skin could generate electricity on your roof or in your car.

Kendra Pierre-Louis
at 15:39 PM May 24 2017
Energy // 

In early March, D.C.'s famed cherry blossoms were ready to pop. An unusually balmy February had nudged the trees from the naked skeletal branches of dull dormancy into full flower production mode. Although most of the flowers were still young—little more than buds—some had reached a status worthy of peeping, with full “puffy white” blossoms. And then came a week of not wholly unexpected back-to-back hard freezes. It was early March, after all, and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration doesn't declare Washington free from frost risk until the end of April.

Mark D. Kaufman
at 11:07 AM May 11 2017
Energy // 

In preparation for war in 1940s, U.S. Army tanks crunched across the wild deserts of Southern California, leaving tracks that will remain for thousands of years. Jeffrey Lovich, a U.S. Geologic Survey research ecologist, has trekked through these harsh desert environs for decades, and sometimes comes across the tank- imprinted past. “It's a consequence of history,” he says.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 10:43 AM May 10 2017
Energy // 

Yes, there was a tunnel collapse at a former nuclear processing facility on Tuesday. No, you don't need to panic. Knowledge is power:

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