Loren Grush
at 08:55 AM Sep 20 2014

What do the Curiosity rover and a bone allograft have in common? They both have got to be super duper clean.

Emily Gertz
at 08:52 AM Sep 20 2014
Science // 

Next week is Climate Week in New York City. The happenings begin on Sunday with what promises to be a massive march demanding action to curb human-propelled global warming. On Tuesday, the United Nations will hold an all-day climate-focused summit for world leaders.

Lois Parshley
at 08:52 AM Sep 20 2014

Sierra Leone’s attempted lockdown is unprecedented: The whole country has been placed on house arrest and 20,000 volunteers have been recruited to help identify suspected Ebola carriers. “Some of the things we are asking you to do are difficult, but life is better than these difficulties,” President Ernest Bai Koroma said.

Rafi Letzter
at 08:52 AM Sep 20 2014
Science // 

50: number of cameras researchers are using to study penguin populations in the Antarctic. You can help researchers identify penguins in adorable photographs, all while helping to train their artificial penguin-spotting intelligence.

Francie Diep
at 12:20 PM Sep 19 2014
Science // 

Since about 2007, American pop culture has stopped talking about climate change -- at least in TV shows and movies. That's according to a new analysis of mentions of the words "global warming" and "climate change" in the two mediums since 1980. See:

Lindsay Handmer
at 10:06 AM Sep 18 2014
Nature // 

Looking more like a made up animal than something from real life, the creature in question is a Siphonophore. In the order of Hydrozoa, it's actually a colony composed of many individual animals.

Emily Gertz
at 09:55 AM Sep 18 2014
Science // 

Oh Texas. All that juicy low-carbon windpower you're generating – and wiring into the grid – makes us love you.

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