Australian Popular Science News news from, 31 Mar 2015 17:39:02 +100010Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are No Match For Medieval Potion<a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">Bloodletting</a>, <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">mercury cures</a>, <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">holes drilled in the head</a>&#8212;many ancient medical remedies seem ill-advised based on our modern understanding of medicine. But researchers recently found that a thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon treatment for eye infections works as an antibiotic against one of today's most notorious bacteria, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The British researchers will present their findings this week at an annual microbiology conference held in the United Kingdom.,402244Tue, 31 Mar 2015 09:19:23 +1000Graphene's First Commercial Application To Shed A Little LightGraphene is a material with marvelous properties: It can be used to make <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">square ice</a> and <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">night vision contact lenses</a>. It can even be made from <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">your leftover dinner</a>. And soon this form of pure carbon--which boasts a super-strong hexagonal structure at just a single atom thick--may even light your home.,402243Tue, 31 Mar 2015 09:19:21 +1000Humans Accidentally Created A Super Termite Hybrid In Florida You know all those stories where humans accidentally create a monster that eventually runs amok and destroys everything? That cautionary tale is playing out in real-time in Florida right now. With termites.,402242Tue, 31 Mar 2015 09:19:15 +1000Opossum Peptides Are A Promising New AntivenomThough some may consider them a nuisance, opossums are amazingly hardy and opportunistic eaters, feeding on everything from the contents of a garbage can to fruits or snails. They also eat snakes and, thanks to an evolutionary <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">chemical arms race</a>, are immune to basically every kind of snake venom. Now, a team of researchers has isolated the peptide from the opossum that makes the animals resistant to snake bites, hoping to use it as a new, inexpensive antivenom in humans. The researchers <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">presented their work</a> on Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in Denver.,402240Tue, 31 Mar 2015 09:19:10 +10003D-Printed Weather Stations Could Save Lives In Developing CountriesWeather is free, of course, but predicting it, and anticipating changes like sudden storms or flash floods--that takes technical equipment and sensors. Thanks to 3D printing and cheap commercial electronics, USAID thinks they can bring weather stations to the developing world. And they should only cost about $200 each.,402239Tue, 31 Mar 2015 09:19:07 +1000Navy's Long-Awaited Drone Moves Closer To RealityDARPA's latest drone program just took a turn for the better. The Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node (TERN) is designed as a Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) flyer for the US Navy. Like its avian namesake, TERN will be a sea-based flyer. The drone is designed as a sort of super crow's nest, flying from small vessels and scouting out the ocean ahead.,402245Tue, 31 Mar 2015 09:19:00 +1000Our Line Of Defense Against Sea Level Rise Is Melting FastAntarctica is a frozen, beautiful continent, that might not be completely frozen for much longer. Just like the <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">Arctic</a>, Antarctica's ice shelves are disappearing, and fast, which could have impacts on coasts much closer to home.,402194Mon, 30 Mar 2015 09:19:45 +1000Folding Wings Help Drones Bounce Back After A CrashAirplane wings are rigid structures. They're great for wide open skies, but one bad collision with a wall or a tree branch and suddenly the flying machine has trouble staying airborne. Helicopter rotors also fare poorly when colliding with structures. But a new bio-inspired wing gives bat-like flexibility to mechanical wings, so they can bounce back after a collision.,402193Mon, 30 Mar 2015 09:19:42 +1000Biotech Company Working On A Cure For ColorblindnessPeople with congenital colorblindness can see about 1 percent of the colors that a typical person can, and the condition can have negative impacts on their lives. Colorblindness can prevent people from becoming pilots or electricians, as well as limit their vision at night, putting themselves and others in danger. Now a pair of researchers are <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">teaming up with</a> the startup Avalanche Biotechnologies to develop a genetic therapy that could cure colorblindness.,402191Mon, 30 Mar 2015 09:19:36 +1000Astronaut Twins Scott And Mark Kelly Lend Their Bodies To Science This afternoon, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko take off for a yearlong stay on the International Space Station. The record-breaking jaunt aims to help researchers understand how humans react and adapt to protracted stints in space. After all, we may soon find ourselves capable of traveling farther away from our home planet--and things can get weird while living long-term in zero gravity.,402190Mon, 30 Mar 2015 09:19:32 +1000How Do We Know When A Pilot Isn't Mentally Fit To Fly?On Tuesday, the news of the Germanwings flight crash en route to Dusseldorf appeared to be another tragic accident, like the <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines flights</a> of the past year. But on Thursday, investigators <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">announced</a> that the crash was in fact intentional--when the pilot left the cockpit, the copilot <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">locked him out</a> and silently flew the plane into the French Alps.,402189Mon, 30 Mar 2015 09:19:29 +1000We Finally Know How Long A Day Lasts On SaturnTen hours, 32 minutes, and 44 seconds. That's how long a day lasts on Saturn. Researchers finally calculated this elusive statistic thanks to a new method developed by Tel Aviv University and published in the <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">journal <em>Nature</em></a>.,402188Mon, 30 Mar 2015 09:19:26 +1000Four Visions Of The Future From DARPA's Latest Report CardYesterday, DARPA released their latest vision for the future. As the far-seeing technological eye of the Defense Department, DARPA's had its hand in everything from the launch of stealth fighter jets to the birth of the Internet. So when they predict the future, it's likely they're in a place to make that future come true. Here are four future technologies the DARPA report highlights, which we can expect to see on the battlefields of the future.,402187Mon, 30 Mar 2015 09:19:23 +1000Squid-Inspired Tape Could Help Camouflage Soldiers No matter the colour or texture of their surroundings, squid are masters of camouflage, blending in to the scenery to avoid detection. Now, researchers from the University of California Irvine have isolated the source of the creature's disappearing act: a protein appropriately named reflection. Additionally, when the researchers layered this protein on a piece of tape, it rendered the tape invisible in particular wavelengths of light. The researchers <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">presented their work</a> this week at the meeting of the American Chemical Society in Denver.,402145Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:43:00 +1000Crowdfunded Albatross Could Bring Quality Drones To The MassesApplied Aeronautics sees its new Albatross drone as one perched between two extremes in unmanned aircraft: the low cost and high breakability of traditional hobbyist drones on one end, and the high cost of durable, professional drones on the other. With a crowdfunding project <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">well under way</a>, Applied Aeronautics hopes that its drone can swoop into the sweet spot in the middle, creating a useful tool that people can actually buy and use.,402144Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:42:57 +1000Science Has Now Created Square Ice Thanks to novelty ice cube trays you can have ice in a whole lot of different shapes, from fish whose tails break off as soon as you try to get them into your glass, to those perfectly round spheres at fancy cocktail bars.,402143Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:42:54 +1000In The Future, Non-Toxic Antifreeze Could Keep Your Car CoolAntifreeze comes in a variety of sports drink-evoking hues, and has a sweet taste and smell that belie the fact that it is deadly to both <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">people</a> and <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">animals</a>. It poisons nearly 90,000 animals and 6,000 people every year.,402141Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:42:41 +1000Indiana Governor Declares State of Emergency For HIV OutbreakThis morning, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana declared a state of emergency in Scott County, in the southeast of the state, due to what is being called the worst HIV outbreak in the state's history. The cases were all caused by intravenous drug use, but some health officials fear that a rapid, short-term response will not be enough in the face of a large drug abuse problem.,402140Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:42:37 +1000China's Endangered 'Magic Rabbit' Photographed For The First Time In 20 YearsIn remote northwest China, the cliffs of the Tian Shan mountains provide the last holdout for the Ili pika, a tiny rabbit relative with a shrinking habitat.,402139Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:42:33 +1000Run, Leia, It's The Star Destroyer DroneFrench drone hobbyist <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">Olivier C</a> is building a drone navy. It started with a <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">Millenium Falcon</a> drone, then followed by a <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">TIE Interceptor</a> drone. Now, Olivier C has moved beyond smugglers and starfighters to deliver a capital ship: an Imperial Star Destroyer. Like his previous <em>Star Wars</em> drones, the Star Destroyer is a foam body built on top of a custom quadcopter chassis, and there are giant circular holes in the Star Destroyer's shape to accommodate the quadcopter's spinning rotors.,402138Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:42:30 +1000Engineering Lightbulbs To Keep Insects AwaySpending long summer evenings outside comes with a big nuisance: bug bites. Mosquitos and other insects are drawn to the lights illuminating your dinner party, which helps them hone in on their human prey. While that might mean a few days of itchy welts for some of us, the implications are much more dire in other countries where bug bites can mean infection of some nasty diseases such as <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">leishmaniasis</a>, Chagas disease, and malaria. Now, a team of researchers is experimenting with LED lights that can ward off insects but still appear as functional white light for humans. They published <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication#ref-6">their findings</a> in the May issue of the journal <em>Philosophical Transactions B</em>.,402137Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:42:27 +1000Harmful Blooms Of Algae Could Be Turned Into BiofuelPollution in waterways can cause terrible algae blooms that <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">choke out marine life</a> and <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">contaminate water supplies</a>. In some places, the blooms are so big that they are <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">visible</a> from <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">space</a>.,402136Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:42:24 +1000This Russian Camera Looks Like A Gameboy Crossed With A GunWith a click of the trigger, the gbg-8 shoots! Except it's not expelling bullets; it's taking a picture. In essence, the gbg-8 is a camera masquerading as a gun. After taking a photo, with a camera mounted inside the "barrel," the image become visible on the cannibalized screen of a gameboy mounted on the side of this weird piece of cyberpunk gadgetry. In seconds, a thermal printer then spits out the image on paper. Made by the artist <a href="">vtol</a> in Moscow, it seems less about the functionality--there are better cameras and portable printers out there--and more about the materials used. Built from a game boy, an arduino board, a camera of unknown origin, and a thermal printer, gbg-8 is an alternate vision of the 1990s where polaroids were outlawed and only outlaws made polaroids.,402142Fri, 27 Mar 2015 08:42:00 +1000New Frog Species Can Change The Shape Of Its Skin It might not be able to grow a thicker skin, but the newly discovered frog <em>Pristimantis mutabilis</em> and its relatives can change their skin's texture.,402095Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:45:29 +1000Try On A Virtual Apple Watch With This Augmented Reality AppA little over two weeks from now, the Apple Watch will be on display at Apple Stores around the world, and much of the mystery over the product will have evaporated. But for now, if you're looking to see what Apple's smartwatch looks like on your own wrist, your only recourse is to turn to technology.,402094Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:45:26 +1000Cook Rice Differently To Reduce Its CaloriesRice, the base for cuisines all over the world, contains a lot of starch. That makes it delicious but also high in calories. While that may a boon for people who struggle to ingest enough calories each day, it's becoming a problem for people with sedentary lifestyles who are eating too many calories. The result is a worldwide obesity crisis, and, surprisingly, the percent of obese adults is <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">increasing faster</a> in developing countries. Now a team of Sri Lankan researchers has devised a new way to cook rice that reduces the amount of starch--and calories--the body absorbs from rice by up to 60 percent. The researchers <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">presented their findings</a> this week at the meeting of the American Chemical Society in Denver.,402093Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:45:21 +1000How It Works: Growing A Biological Drone To Explore MarsNASA is working on a prototype drone that will be able to survey Mars from a modest altitude. But what if instead of shipping a drone to Mars, we could just ship small vials of cells, and use them to grow a biodegradable drone on the Red Planet? A team of students from Stanford University, Spelman College, and Brown University created such a drone last summer, which they then <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">entered</a> into the 2014 <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">International Genetically Engineered Machine competition</a>.,402092Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:45:18 +1000Alien Spaceships Traveling At Near Light Speeds Will Still Be VisibleAliens traveling at near the speed of light won't go undetected, according to two researchers at Raytheon. Posted on the <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication"><em>arXiv</em></a>, their paper argues that fast-traveling vehicles will still be visible, thanks to the way they interact with photons.,402091Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:45:09 +1000Drones Will Look For Stray Dogs In HoustonDrones, as low-cost flying machines, make great rescue tools. They can look and go places people can't--or at least can't go safely--and with infrared cameras, they can sometimes see beyond what human eyes can. In Houston, the World Animal Awareness Society plans to use them to <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">track stray dogs</a>, combining a drone's utility as a <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">mapping device</a> with its <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">rescue abilities</a>.,402090Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:45:04 +1000Cyborg Germ Could Help Detect Leaks In Space StationThough we're a long way from Robocop, cyborgs are real, even if they're sometimes too small to see. The newest iteration is a bacterial spore with quantum dots on its cell membrane that generate an electrical charge when the cell expands and shrinks depending on the humidity in the surrounding environment. The <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">study</a> was published recently in the journal Scientific Reports.,402089Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:45:01 +1000Amazon, Eager To Get Drones In The Air, Hates FAA's RegulationsLast week, the FAA did something strange: it granted Amazon a <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">certificate to test drones</a>, provided Amazon test those drones under a set of incredibly tight restrictions that don't match with Amazon's planned drone delivery model at all. Yesterday, at a Senate hearing on commercial drones, Amazon's VP for public policy blasted the FAA, saying the certificate only lets them test obsolete models. He <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">said, as reported by CNET,</a> &#8220;We don't test it anymore. We've moved on to more-advanced designs that we already are testing abroad.&#8221;,402088Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:44:57 +1000NASA Aims To Capture And Bring Back An Asteroid Boulder By 2025NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission, the space agency's initiative to capture a small piece of an asteroid and then bring it into lunar orbit, is moving on to Phase A. That means the project is going beyond the concept phase now, and engineers will get to work designing and making the hardware to turn the mission into reality.,402087Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:44:54 +1000Soon A Texas Town Will Run On 100 Per Cent Renewable Energy Renewable energy is having its moment in the sun...and wind, and water. Costa Rica managed to run on 100 percent renewable power for <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">over 75 days</a>. And in Texas, a state historically associated with oil wells, one metropolis is determined to achieve the same goal, going cold turkey on fossil fuels by <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">2017</a>.,402086Thu, 26 Mar 2015 09:44:48 +1000Scientists Are Making Chocolate Tastier And More Cancer-FightingFor most people, chocolate is considered an indulgence to be enjoyed in moments of weakness. The cacao pod from which chocolate is made, though, is a rich source of healthful polyphenols, and now researchers have found a different way of processing the cocoa that will keep more of those components while maintaining that delicious chocolaty flavor we all know and love. The international team of researchers presented their work today at the conference of the American Chemical Society in Denver.,402056Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:46:21 +1000Malware Can Steal Data From Non-Networked Computers, Via HeatBack in 1999, Neal Stephenson's novel <em>Cryptonomicon</em> introduced me to the idea of <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">Van Eck phreaking</a>&#8212;intercepting the weak electromagnetic radiation from a computer monitor to recreate what the person is seeing on the screen. Now security researchers have come up with an exploit that uses an even simpler form of radiation: heat.,402055Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:46:19 +1000Small BeeRotor Drone Learns To Fly By Sight AloneSecretly, a lot of drones are cell phone parts disguised as flying machines. Advances in cellular technology, like miniaturized powerful batteries, cheaper smaller cameras, and sensors like accelerometers have all found their way from our pockets to the skies. Now, a new drone eye wants to shed cell parts like a vestigial tail, and instead make drones <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">fly on sight alone</a>.,402054Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:46:12 +1000Plants Could Pave The Way For Greener RoadsThe road of the future will probably be incredibly <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">high-tech</a>: able to inform drivers of hazardous conditions, charge buses, and even <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">communicate</a> with the cars driving on top of it. But will the road of the future be made of green asphalt?,402053Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:46:09 +1000Fight The Ukraine War In Your BrowserWithout planning it, the first thing I did was break a ceasefire. My newly hired infantryman marched across the rubble-strewn battlefield, soon accompanied by medics and heavy weapons. Across the way, marching from another ruined truck with a different flag on top, came my opponent's army, all in single file. Later, after my mortars fell silent and tanks broke down, I was greeted with a defeat screen, noting that while I had bested my opponent, I had really suffered a loss because of all the civilians I killed. "<a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">Battle For Donetsk</a>" is a browser game about Ukraine's current war. It's a straightforward medium with a blunt message.,402052Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:46:03 +1000Walk Through The Belly Of A Tornado In Virtual RealityOn May 20, 2013, a massive tornado <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">slammed</a> into Moore, Oklahoma, <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">killing 24 people</a> and leaving 353 injured, and <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">causing</a> nearly $2 billion in damage.,402051Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:46:00 +1000Woolly Mammoth DNA Successfully Spliced Into Elephant CellsA group of researchers are getting closer to bringing the extinct woolly mammoth <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">back to life</a>. Geneticist George Church's lab at Harvard University successfully copied genes from frozen woolly mammoths and pasted them into the genome of an Asian elephant.,402050Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:45:54 +1000Don't Buy Breast Milk Off The InternetDespite the formula industry's best efforts, nothing is quite as good for babies as breast milk. Babies that nurse have been shown to <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">get more education</a>, have <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">greater resistance to disease</a>, and experience physical benefits of <a href=";id=82:the-importance-of-skin-to-skin-contact-&amp;Itemid=17&amp;option=com_content&amp;id=82%3Athe-importance-of-skin-to-skin-contact-&amp;Itemid=17">skin-to-skin contact</a>. New moms who are unable to breastfeed still want their babies to reap the same benefits, so some look to purchase breast milk from places like milk banks or even <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">classified ads</a>. But according to an <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">editorial</a> published today in the <em>British Medical Journal</em>, parents should not buy breast milk online, as the industry still lacks important regulation and could put the health babies at risk.,402049Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:45:50 +1000Unexplained Aurora And Dust Clouds Spotted Above MarsOur planetary neighbor just got a little more mysterious. In September, NASA's MAVEN spacecraft arrived at Mars to study the planet's upper atmosphere, and since its arrival, the orbiter has picked up two unusual readings: 1) There's a giant dust cloud wafting high above the Martian surface, and 2) Mars has its own aurora.,402008Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:13:57 +1000Researchers Find The Gene That Makes Us 3DThe children's book series <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication"><em>Flat Stanley</em></a> chronicles the adventures of a world-traveling 2D boy. Now a team of researchers might have found the gene that Stanley was missing (you know, if he had been real). It's the YAP gene, and it helps regulate organ size, as well as control tissue tension, direction, and alignment in humans and other vertebrates. The researchers published their <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication#affil-auth">findings</a> this week in <em>Nature</em>.,402006Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:13:52 +1000Louisiana Is Struggling To Dispose Of 15 Million Pounds Of Explosive PropellantThe largest stockpile of M6 artillery propellent in the country is sitting abandoned at an old military facility in Louisiana. <em>The New York Times</em> <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">reports</a> that the discarded propellent is slowly deteriorating, posing a potentially explosive problem to the facility's neighbors.,402005Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:13:50 +1000Drones Could Use Lasers To Find Unexploded BombsLong after the rifles of war are silent, danger still lurks in old battlefields. Some unexploded bombs are left behind deliberately, in minefields that once had tactical importance but were later rendered strategically irrelevant by shifting front lines. Others result from manufacturing error, with bombs that didn't do their job still carrying explosive bellies from decades ago. All of it is deadly and difficult to deal with, but drone-maker Arch Aerial hopes to use their drones for the work of finding and clearing bombs.,402004Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:13:45 +1000FAA Approves Delivery Drones, As Long As Amazon Changes EverythingIn December 2013, Amazon announced with great fanfare a radical concept for delivery: drones, on autopilot, carrying small packages right to customer's doorsteps. While the idea was not <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">without its critics</a>, it looked like a <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">tangible future</a> for commercial drones. Yesterday, the FAA announced that they are finally willing to let Amazon test their drones within the United States, provided that Amazon doesn't test anything meaningful or innovative about the drone delivery concept at all.,402003Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:13:42 +1000SXSW 2015: What IBM Has Cooking For Chef Watson's FutureLast year at South by Southwest, one of our editors was lucky enough to <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">taste a kebab</a> designed by IBM's Chef Watson. This year, my stomach grumbled--the only food in sight was an assortment of images projected onto a screen--while a panel explained how Watson became so good at creating offbeat recipes and inspiring professional and home chefs.,402002Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:13:39 +1000Why Are There No Close-Ups Of Ceres Yet?Well-informed <em>Popular Science</em> readers know that Ceres is <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">probably a planet-destroying Death Star</a>. We hoped to get a closer look at the dwarf planet's possible superlaser after NASA's Dawn mission arrived in orbit on March 6. But so far we haven't seen any close-ups of Ceres, and there's a good reason why: the Dawn spacecraft has joined the dark side. Not <em>the</em> Dark Side--just the dark side of this little dwarf planet.,402000Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:13:34 +1000Look At This Stupidly Awesome Russian Supersonic Cargo Plane ConceptNever mind the fact that Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine are struggling to win a civil war--the Kremlin wants to wow the Future with a gigantic supersonic cargo plane. Named the PAK TA, the concept from Russia's Military-Industrial Commission will be a supersonic transport than can deliver Russian troops and tanks at high speed across the globe. And, according to Russia's <a href=";dom=pscau&amp;src=syndication">state-owned network, <em>RT</em></a>, they want them ready for military service by 2024.,401999Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:13:31 +1000What Goes Into Your Toilet Might Be A Literal GoldmineThe waste in your body might not be as much of a waste as you think. At a meeting of the American Chemical Society, researchers have announced that they are working on a way to extract tons of valuable metals from sewage.,401998Tue, 24 Mar 2015 11:13:29 +1000