Let's start the year off with a bang! Our picks of the biggest science and technology stories we'll be covering over the next 12 months. Plus! How to choose the right drone for you.

Could the age of the crewed military fighter jet already be over, before Australia even gets our shipment of F-35s? Find out in the February issue! Plus...

The greatest innovations of 2015 in one handy, magazine-shaped guide! From gadgets to engineering to health to space travel and more. So much more!

The November 2015 issue is out right now! And it's the annual Future of the Car issue, featuring all the technology and innovation set to disrupt the world of motoring in the very, very near future. Plus: can Australia afford to dabble in nuclear power?

The future of food? Everyone needs to eat right, but how can we feed a projected 9 billion people? It might not be as hard as you think... Plus the Martian, electric cars, and more!

Want to go to space but are also terrified of rockets, intense acceleration, loud noises, and not having a bar? Then we may have a solution for you. Plus super short sci-fi from the world's best authors!

The Future of War! Obviously, we hope there won't be another major global conflict but if there is, it will be all about the tech. And this issue shows you why. Plus... Hyperloop!

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