Issue #50 - January 2013

It's the one with lots of groovy drones and planes and whatnot on the cover. Plus a cyborg cockroach! Find out what that's all about after the break...

Another year another lineup of awesome science and technology content for your delectation! This issue we take a long hard look at China's new high-tech military and wonder just how it might apply to us...

Plus, we enter a billycart of our own design in the most intense downhill racing competition in the country. Did we win? Or were we brutally smashed into the dust and gravel on the final turn? 

The major feature this issue is our in-depth look at the big science and tech stories of 2013. We predict the big issues, and give you a glimpse at what you can expect in the pages of PopSci for the next 12 issues.

There's heaps more: a distributed radio telescope powered by consumer-grade CPUs, bullets that solve crimes, mini-subs in your arteries and immortal hard drives. 

Oh yeah, the cyborg cockroach. It's gross and cruel and not a little creepy - but hey we go the distance for you here at PopSci!

PopSci #50, January 2013 - ON SALE NOW!

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