From the very big to the very small, we look at technology's extremes. Giant ships, nanotech, it's all here. Because size is just a matter of perspective. Plus...

Jetting to London faster than the speed of sound. The technology exists, heck the military uses it all the time. So why can't we? Is it just a matter of regulation, or sometihng else? Does supersonic air travel have a future for ordinary folks... or will it remain the exclusive domain of the rich?

The ocean is the ultimate solution. Or is it? We go deep with six of the world's leading oceanographers to see what the sea holds for all of our futures. Plus...

Could medical science soon be able to regrow lost limbs? The answer isn't exactly simple... but it isn't "no".

Elon Musk wants us to colonise Mars. Not in 50 years, NOW. How will he even get this started?

The Best of What's New for 2016! Our selection of 100 amazing innovations and inventions that will make today feel just that little bit more like tomorrow.

It's not just about HOW smart you are. It's also about WHAT KIND of smart you are. Could new technology actually make you more intelligent, and give you control of your brain?

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