Dan Nosowitz
at 10:05 AM Oct 14 2011
Mobile // 

Our friends at iFixithave, as is their wont, gotten and subsequently taken apart the Gadget of the Moment before anyone else has even seen one in person. This time, it's the iPhone 4S.

Nick Gilbert
at 12:27 PM Oct 13 2011
Mobile // 

Apple today released its last iteration of the iOS software, version 5, across the globe. While the update brings a suite of new features, it doesn't seem as though every user managed to enter Apple's version of mobile nirvana unscathed, with more than a few users reporting issues post-update.

Paul Adams
at 09:00 AM Oct 8 2011
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As we all know, the Large Hadron Collider has been grievously behind the times technologically. Sure, its giant array of superconducting magnets, kept cool by almost a hundred tons of liquid helium is pretty neat, and the muon spectrometer is no slouch. But the LHC hasn't put it all in a convenient smartphone app -- until now.

Dan Nosowitz
at 06:35 AM Sep 28 2011
Mobile // 

Windows Phone 7.5, known as Mango, is a massive upgrade to the already impressive Windows Phone platform, including major additions like multitasking, fast app switching (along with threaded conversations, an idea taken from the deceased WebOS), a totally new browser, apps integrated into search, augmented reality, and way more. It's the biggest update since the platform's original release, and we're really looking forward to seeing the next wave of hardware that really takes advantage of it.

Clay Dillow
at 23:58 PM Aug 26 2011
Mobile // 

The perceived future of driving tends to revolve around a networked traffic infrastructure in which cars, traffic signals, and other roadway implements talk to each other electronically to optimise traffic flow and make driving more efficient all around. But MIT researchers think we can do many of these things on an existing network: the one that ties all of our smartphones together. A network of camera-equipped mobile devices mounted on dashboards could crowd source information about traffic signals and tell drivers what speed to maintain to avoid waiting at traffic lights. The idea stems from an already popular smartphone setup in which drivers perch their smartphones in dashboard brackets and use them as navigation devices. The MIT team built their SignalGuru app to take advantage of the camera on the other side of the phone by collecting stoplight data as cars drive around and feeding it back to a central system that then builds a larger picture of a city's traffic flow.

Staff Writers
at 08:16 AM Aug 19 2011
Mobile // 

Today, in an almost insultingly brief statement in the middle of a press release about something else entirely, HP killed off its most recent acquisition, and perhaps its most beloved platform: WebOS, the mobile OS designed by the scrappy gurus at Palm. It's a bitter, inconsequential end for an OS that in its own way paved as much ground as the iPhone, and that even in its current decrepit state is a damn fine platform. WebOS, you deserved better.

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