Mobile Web Traffic Increase By More Than a Third In Eight Months
Nick Gilbert
at 15:11 PM Mar 5 2012
Mobile Web Traffic Increase By More Than a Third In Eight Months
Anthony Dodd, Photopedia
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According to a recent study by web analysts Chitka, web traffic from mobile devices increased by up to 35 per cent over the period from July of 2011, showing that mobile consumption of online content is continuing to grow apace.

The report also shows that mobile devices account for a little over ten per cent of all web traffic from across the world. This is following earlier studies showing that traffic from iOS devices had exceeded that from Mac OS, and traffic from Windows based browsers had fallen by a little over six per cent in only seven months.

Interestingly, if you break the numbers down by time of day, mobile consumption tends to follow waking hours - steep declines once you hit midnight, and then a steady increase throughout the day into late evening. PC web usage remains much more balanced, with a graph resembling a plateau, but with what peak there is appearing in the early morning, at about 5 am.

Credit: Chitika

You could obviously pull all kinds of inferences out of the results at this point, but the clearest one seems to be that mobile traffic is on the rise, and is slowly eating into traffic from desktops, even though desktop machines still have by far the biggest share of traffic at the moment. It also seems mobile traffic more closely follows daily activity patterns, showingg it integrates far more broadly into everyday life than simply work or at-home use.

[Chitika, via The Next Web]

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