David Nield
at 15:53 PM Sep 20 2017
Mobile // 

This week marks the official arrival of iOS 11, and Apple's latest operating system boasts quite a few party tricks that you're going to want to try out. Here are some of the best new features, from playing with the magic of augmented reality to adding a dock to your iPad interface.

Aparna Nathan
at 10:22 AM Jun 28 2017
Mobile // 

If you are reading this on your phone or tablet, pause. Put down your phone for a few minutes, and take a break.

David Nield
at 10:22 AM Mar 1 2017
Mobile // 

As our phones have become more and more powerful, with bigger and bigger displays, the battery packs inside them have only just managed to keep pace. It's still not uncommon to be looking for a charger at the end of the day, no matter what make or model of phone you've got.

Jason Lederman
at 10:34 AM Jan 10 2017
Mobile // 

10 years ago on 10 January 2007, Steve Jobs dazzled the world with the very first iPhone. Despite the fact that the presentation could have gone very wrong, it went off without a hitch. How did the world react to that historic day? Let's take a look back in time, when tweets looked like old-school Facebook statuses and Apple keynotes went online as Quicktime presentations:

Corinne Iozzio
at 10:02 AM Dec 19 2016
Mobile // 

It's already happened in Australia, and now in the US as of Thursday, all major US cellular carriers have announced plans to remote-brick fire-catching Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Verizon, the final holdout will issue an over-the-air software update on January 5 that will prevent the devices from both charging and connecting to cellular networks.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 09:29 AM Nov 18 2016
Mobile // 

It's not just your cell phone that contains tons of information about you. The grime of daily life that coats it – that all-too-familiar greasy gunk – is basically just another unflattering selfie.

Peter Hess
at 14:10 PM Oct 27 2016
Mobile // 

Many of the UK's iconic red telephone booths may not be around for much longer. Starting next year, BT will start replacing London telephone booths with WiFi terminals. These sidewalk kiosks will allow people to charge their phones and access high-speed wireless internet for free. Intersection, the company behind the LinkNYC WiFi kiosks, is collaborating with BT and Primesight, a UK outdoor advertising company.

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