Twitter Bot Gives Celebrity Photos Nightmarish Grins
Ryan F. Mandelbaum
at 12:27 PM Jun 27 2016
So very wrong...
Tom White/Smilevector

Today in "terrifying things you can't look away from" is smilevector, a Twitter bot that uses a neural network to take photos from the internet and add or remove smiles.

Smilevector was created this month by Tom White, a lecturer at the Victoria University of Wellington School of Design in Wellington, New Zealand. The bot is based on generative neural networks, which means it was trained by looking at lots of smiles, and has now learned to add or remove them to other photos. It's a smile expert. Smile for the smile expert. You must smile. You must obey your smile overlord.

Smile for smilevector.

You must smile.

Do not resist.


Smilevector will make you frown.

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