The Woman Who Helps Prisoners Use Facebook
G. Clay Whittaker
at 11:51 AM Jul 1 2016
She *likes* that you're in jail
Creative Commons

It's hard to stay connected while in the joint.

Cellphones and most technology of the modern day is contraband in prisons, and though they do occasionally get smuggled in, the general idea is you're pretty disconnected while in the joint.

So how does one keep up with social media while behind bars? A Business Insider story looks at one woman who has made a job of running Facebook pages for incarcerated individuals, sharing things from the prohibited social network via permitted email systems for convicts.

It goes further than that too:

Eventually, she drifted to other tasks: helping prisoners look up old friends, sending them stock quotes and sports scores (for their fantasy leagues), and checking crowdfunding pages where they're raising money for legal bills.

Kind of an interesting side gig—makes you wonder what inmate status updates look like.

Read more here via Business Insider

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