Microsoft Unveils Surface Book At Its Windows 10 2015 Event
Xavier Harding
at 11:41 AM Oct 7 2015
Surface Book

Microsoft unveiled its first laptop ever, the Surface Book, today at the Windows 10 devices event. The 13.5 inch laptop will join the Surface 4 in Microsoft's hardware offering. Microsoft claims the notebook will be twice as powerful as Apple's MacBook Pro.

Introduced with a sleek product video, the Surface Book is a more high end version of the company's fourth laptop/tablet hybrid. The metal enclosure allows the screen to be removed--much like the Surface. The Surface Book "Outperforms any competitor," according to Microsoft.

Surface Book
The Surface Book hinge brings brings a dynamic fulcrum

The physical design of the Surface Book includes a specially designed hinge which Microsoft claims has a dynamic fulcrum. The touch enabled screen can be removed from the keyboard to enable Clipboard mode. The screen itself will bring 267 pixels per inch--many pixels to pack into a 13.5 inch size.

Microsoft discussed their laptop's keyboard as well. Each key is backlit for better low-light use and offers 1.6mm of travel. Microsoft claims that the keyboard is silent during use. As mentioned previously, the keyboard-half of the notebook can be removed entirely to be used with stylus.

The Surface Book will run $2200, drop November 12,  and can be preordered now.


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