Gaming // 

Earlier this week, Nintendo introduced a new product called Labo. It's part video game, part craft project, and most ...

Stan Horaczek at 14:37 PM Jan 24 2018

Remember that early ‘90s horror-themed video game, Doom, where you roamed around a Martian landscape, killing ...

Haniya Rae at 10:33 AM Sep 14 2014

Proof that video games keep getting more and more realistic: Seven U.S. Navy SEALs, including one who participated ...

Clay Dillow at 05:38 AM Nov 13 2012
Tech // 

In our February issue, Popular Science explores the Future of Fun. Now we've teamed up with the video game experts ...

Filipe Salgado at 02:32 AM Feb 7 2012
Tech // 

Look at this video game. It's a great motivator to keep your monitor spotlessly clean - go on, get your chemical-impr...

Paul Adams at 09:13 AM Feb 4 2012
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