Two city-sized orbs dance through their galaxy. Their dense mass, each equivalent to a star, spins the ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 15:10 PM Oct 19 2017
Science // 

Astronomers announced yesterday that they discovered the oldest known star in the universe. They believe the star is ...

Francie Diep at 07:20 AM Feb 11 2014
Space // 

Behold, the largest structure in the universe. An international team of astronomers has discovered a large quasar ...

Clay Dillow at 00:59 AM Jan 12 2013
Science // 

In its youth, the universe was a roiling soup of star ingredients, with new stars forming rapidly. But now it's much ...

Rebecca Boyle at 03:56 AM Nov 9 2012
Space // 

Imagine being asked to solve a complex algebra problem that is roughly 95 percent variables and only five percent ...

Clay Dillow at 01:02 AM Nov 9 2012
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