It's official: SpaceX is not going to meet its 2017 deadline to carry its first astronauts into space. The first ...

Sarah Fecht at 11:24 AM Dec 15 2016

Today has been a good day for details-starved SpaceX news enthusiasts.

Mary Beth Griggs at 10:46 AM Aug 31 2016
Space // 

SpaceX has released new footage of its Falcon 9 rockets launching in gorgeous slow motion. The reel features ...

Kate Baggaley at 09:49 AM Aug 11 2016

SpaceX once again successfully launched two satellites into orbit this morning. It was a routine launch, but ...

Sarah Fecht at 11:40 AM Jun 17 2016

SpaceX is hoping to launch the 7,000-pound Thaicom 8 into space on Thursday at 5:40 pm Eastern. From its geosynchrono...

Sarah Fecht at 09:21 AM May 26 2016

SpaceX and Boeing are competing to become the first private company to shuttle astronauts to the International Space ...

Sarah Fecht at 11:19 AM May 25 2016

Fresh off the success of landing the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket not once but twice on a drone ship ...

carlfranzen at 12:01 PM May 11 2016
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