Rachel Feltman
at 11:22 AM Apr 7 2017
Nature // 

You're a complex organism. You socialize with family and friends, you solve puzzles and make choices. Humans may be some of the most cerebral animals on the planet, but we know we're not alone in having this sort of behavioral complexity. Crows use tools. Primates create incredible social structures. Whales congregate.

Mary Beth Griggs
at 10:55 AM Apr 17 2015
Nature // 

Octopuses are already hailed as masters of escape and predictors of soccer matches, but now these brilliant creatures can add another talent to their resume: photographer.

Douglas Main
at 23:57 PM May 12 2014
Nature // 

It's quite rare for invertebrates to eat seabirds (octopuses excepted--here's an octopus eating a seagull), but this observation shows that the giant anemones (Anthopleura xanthogrammica) will certainly go for some bird if the opportunity arises. Bad-ass, if you ask me. Guy and colleagues just published a study in Marine Ornithology describing the find, and two other occasions when anemones were seen eating seabirds. In one case, an anemone engulfed an entire seagull chick, leaving only its feet sticking out. GULP. In the other example, some cnidarians were seen ingesting a gull leg. 

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