Sarah Fecht
at 10:31 AM Jul 15 2015
Space // 

When the New Horizons spacecraft launched in 2006, scientists had no idea what it would find when it arrived at Pluto nine years later. “We might have seen a cloud-enshrouded nitrogen haze that we'd zip by and say, 'Well, that was fun,'” says John Grunsfeld of NASA's Science Mission Directorate. “Or we might have seen something that looks like an ancient monolithic crater-laden body.”

Mary Beth Griggs
at 11:21 AM Jul 10 2015
Space // 

Pluto is coming into focus so fast we can almost taste it. It tastes cold.

Loren Grush
at 08:31 AM Feb 6 2015
Space // 

After waking up from its nearly 5-year-long slumber, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is fully powered and making its way to distant dwarf planet Pluto. And as it gets closer, the probe will be sending back some killer images of the rock and its almost-the-same-size moon Charon.

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