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The biological differences between men and women can affect the way they react to certain drugs and treatments, ...

Kendra Pierre-Louis at 10:22 AM Jun 28 2017
Science // 

A gentle pulse of electricity can make bacteria dance (or rather, swim) to scientists' tune. Researchers

Kate Baggaley at 09:02 AM Jan 18 2017

In a paper ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 11:40 AM Jun 17 2016
Space // 

Comets may not have played as big of a part in the moon's early surface as once thought. A new

The hair that covers our heads and faces varies a lot in its color, thickness, and texture—even on the same ...

Alexandra Ossola at 10:17 AM Mar 2 2016
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It's a fact of life: some people feel at their best waking up at the crack of dawn and going to bed on the early ...

Alexandra Ossola at 10:13 AM Feb 4 2016

There aren't many ways to repair bones in the head. For patients with an inherited skull deformity, or damage to the ...

Alexandra Ossola at 10:35 AM Feb 3 2016
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