Lindsey Kratochwill
at 09:56 AM Feb 17 2015
Gadgets // 

This morning, Mattel announced a partnership with Google to upgrade the classic toy View-Master, which was first introduced at the 1939 World's Fair in New York. The new and improved View-Master viewer will run on the Google Cardboard platform, with special virtual reality and augmented reality content created for kids and families. The team says it will work with any phone and on any operating system. The device was made to accommodate the larger devices currently on the market (like iPhone 6+ and Nexus 7), and adjustments will center and fit smaller smartphones.

Corinne Iozzio
at 08:40 AM Feb 24 2012
Robots // 

Thousands of votes were cast in our first robot dance-off, but the winner was clear early on. Tosy's DiscoRobo earned a dominating 78 per cent of the tally. Mattel's Fijit friend earned 13 per cent of the electorate for personality, and MyKeepon took home the remaining 9 per cent - likely based on cuteness alone, since as basically two-thirds of a rubber yellow snowman, MyKeepon is not the most agile of dancers. Check out the full results breakdown and re-watch the video after the break.

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