David Dunbar
at 10:16 AM Mar 2 2016
Gaming // 

Let's just say I'm no Mark Watney. The hero of Ridley Scott's film The Martian knew how to survive alone on Mars after his crew left him for dead and blasted off on their journey back to Earth. Watney, an astronaut-botanist played by Matt Damon, figured out how to repair his space helmet, jury-rig a power source, build a greenhouse, and grow potatoes in sterile soil—a real Martian MacGyver.

Loren Grush
at 09:54 AM Jun 9 2015

You're on an expedition with a research team out in a desert wilderness. All of a sudden, a major dust storm hits. You and the group scramble to get to safety, when flying debris hits your side and knocks you out. After the storm subsides, you awake hours later to find that your team has left you behind in a vast wasteland after mistaking you for dead. But you're very much alive—and no one knows it.

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