Science // 

  Labor Day weekend delivered record-breaking temperatures to California as a heat wave swept the state, ...

Jeremy Deaton at 14:26 PM Sep 7 2017
Nature // 

Los Angeles is the land of sunshine, warm summers, and mild winters, with only a few dark and cloudy days to darken ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 09:48 AM May 29 2017
Robots // 

In life and death situations, a robot gives police options. Last week, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, ...

Kelsey D. Atherton at 15:24 PM Sep 19 2016
Gaming // 

Earlier today at the annual E3 videogame conference in Los Angeles, Nintendo pulled back the curtain on the latest ...

Carl Franzen at 11:02 AM Jun 15 2016
Cars // 

Every auto show has its flavor. Detroit likes to showcase American manufacturing with lots of trucks and SUVs; Tokyo ...

Kristen Hall-Geisler at 10:45 AM Nov 27 2015
Tech // 

Everyone is positively electrified by the news that a Chinese company is planning to build a

On Saturday, the United States arrested Hao Zhang, a professor at China's Tianjin University, as he landed in Los ...

Kelsey D. Atherton at 11:00 AM May 21 2015
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