The FDA's approval shows we're getting closer to understanding these headaches

Claire Maldarelli at 08:43 AM May 23 2018

All donated blood in the US and its territories should be tested for Zika virus, according to a new guidance ...

Coby McDonald at 09:42 AM Aug 29 2016
Science // 

Oxitec, the British biotech company that has been working on developing genetically engineered male Aedes aegypti ...

Lindsey Kratochwill at 16:05 PM Mar 15 2016

It may soon be legal in the U.S. to modify embryos using mitochondrial replacement therapy (MRT). The FDA is ...

Alexandra Ossola at 10:13 AM Feb 4 2016

It hasn't been a good month for healthcare company Theranos. The $9 billion startup claims to be able to

Alexandra Ossola at 10:35 AM Oct 29 2015

The FDA is cracking down on a blood test that claims to detect early signs of cancer in high-risk individuals. ...

Claire Maldarelli at 09:44 AM Sep 28 2015
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