Lydia Ramsey
at 08:25 AM Jan 16 2015
Cars // 

Local Motors, a Phoenix-based start-up that aims to be the world's first producer of 3-D-printed cars, plans to sell you its unconventional vehicles within 12 to 18 months.

Lindsay Handmer
at 14:16 PM Jul 25 2014
Tech // 

On Wednesday the 23rd of July, a team of UNSW students successfully attempted to break a 26 year old world speed record for the fastest electric vehicle over 500 kilometres. The team broke the record, but is still waiting for final approval from the world Motorsport governing body, FIA. The car averaged a speed of more than 100 km/h during the attempt, beating the previous world record of 73 km/h.

Francie Diep
at 10:13 AM Apr 26 2014
Cars // 

At the end of his road trip on Monday, Norman Hajjar had used a little more than 4,000 kilowatt-hours of energy. He drove a Tesla Model S sedan for 12,000 miles over 24 days, crossing 27 states along the way.

Nick Gilbert
at 16:18 PM Jun 27 2012
Cars // 

Given that he launched the Tesla Model S earlier this week, it makes sense that Tesla founder Elon Musk would be in high spirits. So high, in fact, that he has said today that within 20 years, the majority of new cars sold will run entirely off of electric batteries.

Jon Alain Guzik
at 04:47 AM Feb 14 2012
Cars // 

The ActiveE is BMW's all-new electric vehicle, designed as a ‘beta' version of the forthcoming i3. Based on the swell little 1 Series Coupe, the Active E uses similar drive train and battery technologies as the i3, but in a less future-luxe package.

Nick Gilbert
at 12:16 PM Nov 1 2011
Cars // 

You know, there haven't been a great many truly stylish locally-made electric cars. Things like the Blade Electron areserviceable, yet not quite the kind of thing that will convince people to leave theirLamborghinis(which of course we all own) at home in the garage. Having said that, Varley recently showed off their brand new electric vehicle made in Queensland, and my my, it's a looker.

Staff Writers
at 03:17 AM Aug 18 2011
Cars // 

A German car nicknamed "heavy drinker" or "boozer" has set a new record for electric vehicle stamina: 1631.5 km on a single charge. The single-seat vehicle's aerodynamic shape, with the motors integrated into the wheel hubs, helped the car accomplish this feat.

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