Science // 

When John Lane stood in his backyard and pointed his laser at the rain, he wasn't thinking about weather on Earth. ...

Rebecca Boyle at 09:00 AM Dec 4 2012
Tech // 

In pictures and in person, the Earth's aurora looks sorta like wispy clouds made of emerald fuzz. That's gorgeous ...

Krislyn Placide at 04:02 AM Dec 1 2012
Science // 

Everyone knows the hardest material on Earth is diamond, says George Pharr, director of the Joint Institute for ...

Daniel Engber at 02:00 AM Nov 13 2012
Tech // 

Something strange happens to spacecraft swinging past Earth for a gravity boost - they suddenly speed up, and their ...

Rebecca Boyle at 23:56 PM Nov 2 2012
Science // 

This gorgeous infographic is the first family tree linking every bird on Earth, revealing how birds have evolved ...

Rebecca Boyle at 07:30 AM Nov 1 2012
Science // 

New simulations of a crash between Earth and a protoplanetary sister long ago could have produced a moon that's ...

Rebecca Boyle at 06:02 AM Oct 29 2012
Science // 

NASA's next Mars moves should focus on bringing chunks of Mars back to Earth, possibly in a hand-off between a robot ...

Rebecca Boyle at 00:45 AM Sep 27 2012
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