Nature // 

While sea level rise remains bad news for people and cities, it might be good news for at least some residents of ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 11:53 AM Aug 23 2016
Nature // 

For the first time, scientists have captured coral bleaching on video. The time-lapse footage reveals how corals ...

Kate Baggaley at 14:27 PM Aug 18 2016
Nature // 

Established coral reefs, the monuments of nature that we see today, have been around for

Nature // 

Giant clams loom large on coral reefs, their gaping maws filled with bright lights. On other mollusks, this ...

Kelsey D. Atherton at 13:14 PM Oct 8 2014
Robots // 

Swarms of caretaker robots will soon buzz around the damaged coral reefs of Scotland, re-cementing broken sections ...

Rebecca Boyle at 04:54 AM Aug 28 2012
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