Lydia Ramsey
at 08:25 AM Jan 16 2015
Cars // 

Local Motors, a Phoenix-based start-up that aims to be the world's first producer of 3-D-printed cars, plans to sell you its unconventional vehicles within 12 to 18 months.

at 10:11 AM Dec 20 2014
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The most remarkable thing about the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that you can buy outright is how unremarkable it is to drive.

Kelsey D. Atherton
at 10:09 AM Oct 13 2014
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Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors promises the car of the future today. In September, the billionaire promised something new for his electric vehicles: autopilot, mostly. Well, “90 percent of your miles can be on auto.” Left unsaid is how exactly that’s going to happen.

John Voelcker/ Green Car Reports
at 03:58 AM Dec 7 2013
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Suddenly, hydrogen fuel-cell cars are back in the news. Headlines have proclaimed a coming battle between plug-in electric cars and the new shining hope, hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Seth Fletcher
at 02:43 AM Mar 17 2012
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Early this year, when it became clear that the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf had missed their 2011 sales targets, critics declared the electric-car revolution over. Yet at Detroit's annual North American International Auto Show in January, plug-in cars abounded. BMW displayed its forthcoming i3 electric city car, along with its i8 plug-in hybrid sports car. Acura unwrapped a hybrid concept version of the NSX supercar. Tesla Motors brought its all-electric Model S sedan. But the most important car on the show floor might have been one that, on the surface, seemed much less exciting: the new Ford Fusion, which will be available in gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.

Nick Gilbert
at 13:32 PM Feb 8 2012
Cars // 

A survey into consumer attitudes towards electric cars in the United States has found that by far the biggest barrier to a purchase is maximum trip distance, but also found a rather large percentage of people are worried that the vehicles are actually more dangerous than standard cars.

Rebecca Boyle
at 15:03 PM Nov 23 2011
Cars // 

Without a doubt, the best part of an auto show is the test drive - you can sink into the cushiony driver's seat, behold the beautiful control panel, feel the steering wheel slip comfortably between your fingers. At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, that won't happen. Test drivers will sit in the back seat of an autonomous Prius, letting the car drive them around by itself. It'll probably be worth the back seat view.

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