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At its closest point, the western coast of Canada is more than 11,000 kilometres away from the edge of Australia. ...

Amal Ahmed at 09:10 AM Jan 25 2018
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Like in Australia, the USA's energy mix is under scrutiny. A report commissioned by US Energy Secretary Rick "I Once ...

Kendra Pierre-Louis at 09:35 AM Aug 25 2017
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The Resistance hasn't really spread that far into Australia yet but don't be surprised if the streets start filling ...

Billy Cadden at 10:26 AM Feb 6 2017

There's little doubt that Australia and the US have an obesity problem. At the moment,

France is making submarines for Australia. In a $50-billion deal, Australia has ordered 12 of the 97-meter Shortfin ...

G. Clay Whittaker at 15:01 PM Apr 27 2016
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