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Comets may not have played as big of a part in the moon's early surface as once thought. A new

The next gold rush might be the race for asteroids, and the nation-states that dominate this new industry may not be ...

Mary Beth Griggs at 10:26 AM May 6 2016
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On Wednesday, as most Americans were stuck in holiday traffic or prepping their Thanksgiving feasts, President Obama ...

Sarah Fecht at 10:44 AM Dec 2 2015
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In 2013, a 60-foot-wide meteor exploded over Russia, and no one saw it coming. The Chelyabinsk impactor was ...

Sarah Fecht at 11:15 AM Jun 23 2015
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It's no surprise that NASA is keeping track of all potentially hazardous objects, or PHOs, that surround our planet. ...

Dan Nosowitz at 06:00 AM Aug 6 2013
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About 4 billion years ago, something caused Jupiter and the other gas giant planets to shift in their orbits, ...

Rebecca Boyle at 07:31 AM Mar 27 2013
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How well are we prepared to deflect city-obliterating space rocks hurtling toward Earth? Well, NASA head Charles ...

Shaunacy Ferro at 08:28 AM Mar 21 2013
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