Projector Drone Project Projects in the Projects
Anthony Fordham
at 12:03 PM Jun 27 2014
Projector Drone Project Projects in the Projects
Now projecting the latest Coles ad 6 storeys high
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Well it could, is the point. Upholding the central tenet of drones - the likelihood of a drone doing a thing you expect it to do is inversely proportional to you even knowing that thing IS a thing - this project by I-Drone projects images and video clips on the sides of buildings. Or whatever.

Projector Drone By I-Drone from I-Drone on Vimeo.

Based in Melbourne, I-Drone has been working with drones and projectors and glue since 2013. They've now built this proof-of-concept vehicle, which can fly for 12 minutes and shoot coherent light at 500 lumens out of a projector.

Beyond just flashing ads at inappropriate moments onto inappropriate objects, the drone could also live stream data - we're imagining uses at sporting events where permanent scoreboards or big screens aren't viable. Like BASE jumping! Project your sudden death in real time, onto the side of the very cliff that kills you!


What's up Doc?
Bugs has his life threatened, several storeys up


While this project might seem like fun for now, I-Drone says it's part of their commitment to extending the uses of drones - so far the company has droned-up farming, photography, emergency response, industrial applications and even sports coaching. 


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