PopSci #44 - July 2012

Our Future of the Environment issue is here today, and it's environmentally friendly to the extreme. Traditional wisdom says buying magazines isn't a great thing to do in terms of environmentalism thanks to paper, but this issue is made out of 100 per cent recycled recycling. Ok, that may not be entirely true, but if you want to get up to speed on all the important environmental discussions and the best in green tech, this is a (tiny!) carbon footprint worth having.

On Sale 27 June 2020 

First, we weigh in on the natural gas debate - will it prove a worthwhile transitional fuel, and what benefit can Australia get out of it, given we already export a vast amount of the gas we produce?

Also, our Instant Expert this issue is on geo-engineering, a potential power source of the future. But will the risks outweigh the rewards?

Climate scientists are still fighting the PR war with some of the most militant denialists, but how much worse could it possibly get? Famous last words?

Smart cities, nuclear accidents, slim laptops, marine laboratories and the bright ideas of TEDxSydney all feature as we try to get to grips with what the environment, and the future in general, holds for us.

In How2.0, we introduce you to the 12-tonne mobile pizzeria, show you how to build a spy camera, an RC spy blimp and an autonomous lawn mower. Is there a way to use all three together at the same time? Let us know! (most creative response may win a prize. Or more likely, a deep, warm, fuzzy feeling of goodwill.)

If you want the most update commentary, features, images and interviews about the future of the Earth's environment, there's only one place to go.

Australian Popular Science #43. Composed of luscious foliage, and yet totally recyclable. Not that you'll ever throw it out, will you now?

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