PopSci #43 - June 2012

Get your mad scientist on with our invention special, where we walk you through the best in technological innovation, from energy sources to aircraft, from biotech to gadgets, while also giving you the tips you need to make your own awesome inventions!


On Sale 30 May 2020

We start off with the big stuff, namely Australia's ongoing innovation with geothermal energy. Our continent is ripe for non-volcanic energy of this kind, and we look at the power plants of tomorrow that are already under construction today. 

Also, forget about being connected to the grid. Just buy a bar-fridge sized fuel cell that will power your entire house, and then some. We look at some the ways in which home-centred power generation is becoming a reality, and think about what it is that's holding this kind of innovative tech back.

There's a host of other inventions in this issue, as well. A new helicopter design? Check. A shower that cleans and cycles the same supply of water? Check. Contact lenses with a heads up display? Check. And that's not even the half of it.

And, of course, there's the usual stuff. Annotated solar car cross-sections. HDTVs. An overdesigned barbecue. Sharks. Angle-shifting ping-pong tables. It's all in there, plus all the stuff we've forgotten we put in there as well.

Australian Popular Science #42. Reinvent yourself. But avoid cyborg implants. Those always goes bad down the line.


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