PopSci #42 - May 2012

Take to the skies with our flight tech issue. Strap yourself in as we take you on a high-speed tour through the latest in jet planes, gyrocopters, rockets and unmanned flight technology. 

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The trick with planes these days, of course, is working out how to innovate when the lifeblood of flight to this point, jet fuel, is becoming an increasingly expensive and scarce commodity. We look at three of the most innovative concepts out there today, that just might change the way you fly tomorrow.

We also consider the future of unmanned flight - will robots start flying drones and jet planes themselves in war zones, outdoing even highly trained human fighter pilots? The Chinese may be building airports in some remote and inaccessible places in their country, but will artificial intelligence be able to do what human intelligence can't - land planes there? And what of the civilian side of things here in Australia -where are we going, what is the latest UAV tech shaping up to be, and should we fear the future?

Then there's the smaller side of town - flight in Australia isn't just for the super rich, after all. We look at gyrocopters and home built amateur airplanes - two kinds of local flight tech that show just how scalable flight technology has become. Sports car money for your own plane is nothing to be sniffed it!

Then there are the EV buses, the record-breaking free falls, augmented reality drones, the ornithopters, DIY Geiger counters, synchrotrons, and the usual assortment of the hot tech, gadgets, science and DIY.

Australian Popular Science #42. It's the Future Now. But also Later. At the same time. It's pretty cool like that.

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