PopSci #40 - March 2012

Our medical technology issue will show you how new innovations in high-tech treatment will not just prolong your life, but help you enjoy more of it. Time to get that nagging cough fixed!

On Sale 29 February 2020

The pace of change in medical technology continues unabated. Are you ready to have your heart replaced by a 10,000 rpm turbine that leaves you living without a pulse? What if we said this turbine wasn't event designed to replace your heart in the first place?

Or perhaps you need a pacemaker. Not for your heart, but for your chronic pain, or your Parkinson's, or your epilepsy. And speaking of epilepsy, how has the treatment of this disorder changed in Australia, especially when it comes to children?

Beyond the doctor's surgery, we go in to space with NASA's Curiosity rover and discover how it aims to make the softest landing on Mars ever.

Then we go deep with a duo of robotic subs. Not just any robotic subs either - these are treasure hunters!

Plus the usual collection of awesome gadgets, gizmos and high-tech toys - including a wrist-mounted crossbow!

See you in the issue!

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