PopSci #39 - February 2012

We've seen the future, and the future is fun. This is the issue where you get to unwind and have a good time with a surprising array of technologies that go far beyond the average videogame. Get ready to relax:

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Electronic games get all the glory these days, but there's much more to the future of fun, and this edition of Australian Popular Science is all over it. Fun, that is. 

We take a look at an oral history of extreme sports, visit the world's most cutting-edge playgrounds, invite the world's best inventors to design their ultimate toy, and get classic arcade games on your android mobile.

Our correspondent also engages in a videogame-related scientific experiment... on himself. Can he improve his lifestyle by obsessively scoring and tracking every menial task he does?

Elsewhere in the issue, we ask the question: are a recent spate of super-destructive tornadoes in the US just part of nature, or are they exacerbated by climate change?

And speaking of eco-friendliness, just what exactly is going on with Australia's solar power industry, and what's the good news for the future? There has to be SOME, right?

Throw in some LED-powered aquaria, a Lexus that moisturises you while you drive, Lithium-ion conversion kits to make your existing bicycle electric, an arcade cabinet that combines augmented reality with a suped-up golf kart for the ultimate in on-road terror, and you've got yourself the future... now!

See you in the issue! 

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