Our February edition asks the important question: in an emergency, would you trust your life to a robot? More after the break!

It's the one with lots of groovy drones and planes and whatnot on the cover. Plus a cyborg cockroach! Find out what that's all about after the break...

It's that time of year again! Time for the annual PopSci Best of What's New awards! We scrutinise, evaluate and occasionally subject to robo-showdown a massive collection of 100 innovations from fields such as entertainment, engineering, aerospace, automotive and more. But that's not all!

The November issue helps you live in a new material world. Specifically, a world of amazing new materials that will form the building-blocks of the next generation of tech. Also there's a jet-powered Aussie speedboat.

Our October issue is ON SALE FROM SEPTEMBER 26, and is about three of the greatest things in science and tech: guns, robots and boats! It's a future of defence special, where we look at stealth destroyers, smart guns and haptic battlefield robots. 

The September edition will hit shops on the 29th of August. And it's all about cars. Find out more after the jump!

The August edition of Australian Popular Science is all about flying the unfriendly skies - with the world's first true robotic warplane. Should we be scared or secretly impressed? And where's the science in mixed martial arts? We find out.

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