Issue #87 - February 2016

Could the age of the crewed military fighter jet already be over, before Australia even gets our shipment of F-35s? Find out in the February issue! Plus...

There's a massive pictorial feature on the world's best humanoid robots. Making a robot walk like a human is no easy task, but these teams from around the world are getting closer by the day. Amazing exclusive images give you new insight into their remarkable projects.

Plus, we pick through the rubble of the New Year's tranche or possibly swathe of new gadget releases and select the very best, the most desirable toys (oh come on, they are toys) you will want to save your pennies or other negotiable currency for in 2016.

We also ask: are humans starting to cause more and more earthquakes? In our headlong rush to extract every possible dollar out of the ground, are we causing more problems than money can possibly solve? And in the ultimate irony, could CO2 sequesteration - so-called direct action against climate change - be even more destructive than just letting the stuff into the air?

Rounding out the issue, we discuss the logistics of feeding a Martian colony, usher in a new geological epoch (maybe), drive absolutely at the speed limit in the BMW M4, purify our air, sequence the bread wheat genome and much more!

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