Issue #83 - October 2015

The future of food? Everyone needs to eat right, but how can we feed a projected 9 billion people? It might not be as hard as you think... Plus the Martian, electric cars, and more!

Inside the issue there's an exclusive interview with the minds behind the Martian, including the director, the author, and the NASA advisor. It's rare insight into a likewise rare "serious" sci-fi movie.

And speaking of Mars, we've put together a handy potted history of humans (or at least our machines) on the Fourth Rock from the Sun. For when too much Mars is barely enough!

Then we look at the current crop of electric cars. If you're not super-obsessed with having "the latest tech" and don't care about the cost... are they worth buying? Or should you wait for the next generation?

We also nominate 10 young scientists who are already well on the way to changing the world.

All that and more in the issue! Out now at all quality newsagents, or you could subscribe!

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